“The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in schools today!”

Life is a limitless saga of challenges, risks and rewards. An enterprising person is best fit to face such challenges and reap such rich bounty from the field of life. Education at St. Xavier’s being holistic, entrepreneurship is considered an essential quality to be developed in the students. To meet the same end, we conduct an entrepreneurship drive every year to prepare our students to take on the struggle of life more meaningfully, with information and with the right mindset. We also have a secondary goal of rousing the entrepreneur in each of our students.

The Programme trains them, through learning while doing, how to build a team and how to work collaboratively. This imparts a practical training in meeting customers and satisfying their demands.

The students learn to organize business processes and how to administer them. They also get a hands on experience of handling finances, making budgets and making profits. The programme helps students of Class XI to recognize opportunities in their life and pursue such opportunities by generating new ideas and marshalling necessary resources. They should be able to create and operate a new venture and be able to recognize the feasibility of their ideas and ventures in a realistic situation.

Entrepreneurship Programme follows a unique methodology that consists of activities, simulation exercises, discussions, audio/video, real life experiences sharing and role plays. Students get to work on their ideas, create business plans and meet entrepreneurs.

30 Years of experience