In order to provide cross-cultural exposure, the students of different age group are made to meet at a common platform for academic and cultural exchange (INXTACO) and for game and physical acivity (INXSPOM), which is being participated by all the schools of St. Xavier’s chain of schools of all the states. Different schools are assessed pertaining to their performance in scholastic and non scholastic areas and the outstanding schools are felicitated for their contribution in imparting quality education.
Efforts are in progress to develop inter-nation exchange programme to provide opportunity to participate in cultural sports exchange programme at different countries, which will be an effective benefit to the students to gain the exposure at international forum.
The short term exchange programme, which are conducted at different schools of the group during summer as summer camp, helps the students for exchanging and learning the different activities like music, painting, handicraft, horse-riding, skating, swimming and dancing. The activities are conducted along with regular competitions .

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