Literacy in the present day scenario plays a vital role in determining the standard of civilization of a particular country. Universal literacy is therefore, the goal of every nation. Considering the importance of English, the accepted global motion, and to keep pace with advanced countries of the world, the St.Xavier’s Chain of Schools evolves its policies to stress on higher standard of English literacy which would pave the way to brilliant academic success.

With this end in view, we endeavor to open schools in each and every district of the country so as to impart high quality education through English Medium. ln order to give education a wide coverage and to make it reach the youngsters at their earliest possible age, steps are taken to open Child Development Centers which help in per-schooling and making children psychologically adaptive to the process of learning through a novel technique of playful methods. With the rapid growth of population and consequent trend towards productive education, there is a need to open schools on a massive scale and to run them effectively.

According to statistical reviews, “opening one school daily in the country” is not sufficient to meet the growing need. As such, the St. Xavier’s Chain of Schools feels proud of contributing its might towards the fulfillment of this national need.

30 Years of experience