“Education is not only a tool for the development of individuals, communities and nations. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and it emboldens the youth to chase their dreams”

The mission of St. Xavier’s high School is to empower children by discovering leadership in each of them and make them productive and committed citizens, who could bring humanitarian changes in the world. our teaching fraternity nurtures these qualities quite jealousy as the Gospel truth.

We, educators being facilitators, have always encouraged every child to develop in their special field of interest. We have realised the fact that every student does not have the same talent and so each one will achieve success differently.

St. Xavier’s promotes and encourages children to take part in their areas of interest through various  Sports and Co-curricular activities at inter-school, district, state and national levels.

Session 2017-18 was a milestone in various ways. Our children, who appeared at the Board examination, have excelled not only in bilaspur but also in our district. They have also manifested their mettle at JEE, PMT, NEET, etc. and have won laurels at various national and states level sport events and in various co-curricular areas.

In session 2017-18, our school has taken various steps to implement International and National best teaching & learning practices. Additionally, the overall development in school with special focus on creating academic rigour in our school. The objective behind the above mentioned steps is to ensure the “Process of smooth learning” among our children and to prepare them for a strong future.

As a Principal of school, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our school management, the Chairman Sir, dedicated members of the senior teaching faculty, distinguished parents and dear children for their support in the smooth progress of the academic journey in this session too.


P.C. Mohanty


St. Xavier’s chain of schools

30 Years of experience