St. Xavier’s School is a world in miniature form where we uphold traditional values and Contemporary methodology with latest pedagogies. Our vision is to shape students mind with transformational experiences that will align their heart, mind and body. We strive to create a safe, supportive and conducive environment where the abilities and individual differences of all the students are valued.
Driven by the passion to be undisputed leader and firmly committed to attain excellence we hone the academic skills, fine tune the aesthetic sense, give impetus to the spiritual inspiration of students life and works towards building a holistic culture. We are confident that our students will thrive in academic heights, Physical fitness, psychological and spiritual well being, social consciousness and concern for environment. “When the mind is filled with virtues, they will be revealed in our action.”

About the Chairman

The Chief architect of the St. Xavier’s Chain of Schools Dr. G.S.Patnaik holds the office of the Managing Director. Being an acclaimed educationist of national repute, a caring benefactor and an able captain, he has been successfully steering the Xavierian ship and exploring all possibilities to spread education far and wide. Education to him, is not confined to text books to make the student simply a crammer but it possesses a wider scope to bring out one‘s inner talents to good exposure and develop the skills and courage to stand up for oneself against all future eventualities. Starting his career as an humble teacher, he has endeavored to bring enlightenment and awakening to the society through high quality activity blended education for students. No child according to him, is academically ignorable. Potentiality for growth is hidden in one and all. It is the teacher in the institution of learning, who can bring the hidden treasure to a full bloom. Never in life should a teacher experience failure, in transforming a not so intelligent child into an intellect incarnate. Due to his able guidance, the area of education has witnessed the advent of renaissance and the Xavier’s Chain of Schools has aptly become the Chain of schools with a difference.

30 Years of experience